I know it's late...therefore, it's going to be a short blog tonight...
Today was Paige's brother's surgery for his chest...
It went well.
Today is also Halloween...
I didn't dress up this year since we had church tonight. However, if you did we would l♥ve to hear about it.
Paige and I were able to get a small photo shoot done today, though (it's cold outside...brrrrrrr)
Photos will be posted Friday for Photography Friday.
I was supposed to do at least one tonight to give you a sneak peak, but as you can see I didn't.
It's Paige's fault...she didn't remind ;)
Yes, I know I don't have any theme for tonight, but ya see I'm supposed to be doing my devotions and then sleeping right now. However, I did rememberthat I was supposed to post, and I told Paige I would, so I guess I have to keep my word :D
I have absolutely nothing else to talk about, except to tell you the computer hates Paige. I was laughing soooo hard today as Paige kept making mistakes or things wouldn't exactly work like Paige one time she cut off half of Robin's face trying to edit it for our shop. Never quite got it to work still.
Well I will stop boring you guys to death lol
Everyone sleep well
Nighty Night
Don't let the bed bugs bite
(or spiders)
God Bless and Sweet Dreams



Every week, progress depends on something or other.
Having items to sew depends on materials, patterns, and cutting them out.
Completed items depend on time, sewing machines, accessory pieces, and know-how.
Listings depend on completed items, photos, descriptions, and time.

This week, both our production, and our blogging may be interrupted by something we didn't list above. 
In the form of electricity. 

Living in NY, we're going to be somewhat affected by the hurricane. 
Since we have had repeated warnings of power outages, we have to be prepared to not have the use of sewing machines, have internet access, or other power. 
 And we all live surrounded by trees, so the winds could create a problem for us that lasts longer than the storm does. 

Therefore, this entire week, and maybe even future weeks, all depend.

Just wanted you forewarned.
Now for the forecast.
Besides looking like some rain and wind....
we have slouch jackets, Fall Line 2012 outfits, and hopefully some leggings in progress. 
Since my camera broke, we only have pictures of the slouch jackets to share. 
Robyn is such a blessing to us!

 A little note - 
My brother, Hunter, is scheduled for surgery Wednesday. The time won't be certain until tomorrow. The surgery will be to fix his condition, Pectus Excavatum. If you read even just a little bit about it online, you will get a pretty good idea of what he is facing. And what my parents are feeling. And how the rest of the fam is doing. And no, he's not just a normal case - he's beyond normal by a fair margin. Please pray for him!
My little bro and I

Thank you.

Elisa is "covering" for me Wednesday, as I will have other things on my mind. But if there is no power here, it won't happen anyway. Unless my friend is magical, and just didn't tell me.
Which is completely possible. 
She never ceases to amaze me. 
Friday I want to do a post about birthdays, so I'll see ya then!

 God Bless,


Christmas in October

Some of you are like you're crazy!!!!
Others, however, know exactly what I'm talking about. You just have that urge to blast Christmas music through your house.
Well I had that urge today.

I just couldn't help it. I had my music on my ipod on and was listening to it through my ear buds. Then all of a sudden a Christmas song came on...well that did it. I turned on the TV and put on Pandora.
Boy is it fun!!!!
Christmas music makes me so excited! To some it may remind them of the stress of the holiday season, but to me it reminds me of the joy and the happiness that Christmas is supposed to bring us.
Later (probably in December) I'll give the entire Christmas story.
Today, though, I just want to remind each and everyone that time with your family is precious.
I have four siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother). Some of you may think, 'You poor girl', and yes sometimes I think that too ;) Tonight, though, as I put that Christmas music on and saw my baby brother dancing, and my sisters with huge smiles on their faces being silly, I was reminded how blessed God has made me. He knew exactly how many siblings I would need, and He made each one of them very special to me.
So if you are reading this and haven't told your wife or husband, brother or sister, or even somebody else close to you that you lve them, go ahead and tell them. Show them just how much they mean to you. Believe me, it puts smiles on people's faces when they know how special they are to someone.
Have a great weekend!
God bless!


Wednesday Update {10.24.12}

The brown hat is in the shop.

^ And this one is next! ^

We have a Pinterest page that we will be pinning 'good stuff ' to as time goes on. 

Maybe Wednesday posts will become pinterest days?

Yesterday Robyn and I, along with Robyn's sister (and my good friend) Lizzy went out for a photo shoot.
I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you all!

On a different note...
I dropped my camera down a flight of stairs.
It's definitely broken. 
I'm going to contact the repair company in our area, and see what they can do, and get a quote. Until it gets fixed, or until I get a new one, I can't photograph anything without sacrificing quality (by a long shot). So we'll be stock-piling things for the shop for now.

At least now I have no excuse not to edit the several hundred pictures I have from the past month...not to mention, the months before that. 
*Silver Lining*
(Too bad it's not green. Cash would be a great lining for a broken camera.)

I'm bummed out about my camera, and with nothing else to tell you about the shop, I feel like this might be my shortest blog post ever.
It probably is.
 Oh well.


We're Back!

Sorry about ignoring y'all this weekend. At least we were kind enough to warn you. 

Last week, you all know, we didn't get a great deal done for the shop. But that doesn't mean that we didn't have anything from the previous week still to list. =)
We have newsboy style caps arriving in the shop this week!
I just love hats! 
Most hats do not return the feeling.
Once, just once, I found a hat that loved me back. I decided not to get it - surely, I'd be able to find one just like it and get it sometime? No such luck. I should have known better. I lost my one true hat lover. 

No such problem with AG dolls!
Take a peek - 

Working stuff out with our Fall Line, and even setting a tentative date:
We're aiming for 
Nov. 7th
as our Fall Line release. Listings would all appear in the shop no later than the 9th. Assuming no complications. 
But there will always be complications.
We're thinking maybe this outfit will be labeled as "Fine to Dine", as it is a dressy outfit, coming into the holiday season. Input? Ideas? Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you!

Our most recent complication was just solved today. Well, mostly solved. 
The mental part of it was solved, but the material part awaits, if that makes sense. 
If it doesn't, it's ok. I'm sure you're used to it by now.

When we're not busy doing one thing or another, we spend time just soaking up the last warm rays of sunshine. Gazing out our windows. Walking in the woods. And loving the colors.

God Bless, and see y'all back here on Wednesday!
- Paige


Wednesday Update

We've been working on lotsa stuff this week.
Not really.
Not exactly even close....
But we do have baggies distributed 'n all. 
And progress on the 2nd DW Fashion Design Challenge.

The only truly exciting thing is that the pajamas are up!
Etsy has been making all sorts of awesome tweaks to stuff for sellers, and we got a chance to use them for the pjs. Instead of using the individual listing stuff, we chose to list it all as one. You get to select the shorts w/tee option or the long pants w/tee option. Since we don't have multiple of the shorts, we can only list it as one. But once that listing sells, we will list it again right after with the necessary changes. If you were to desire to purchase two, or all three of these pj sets, you could just convo us, and we would change the listing up for ya. Maybe even cut ya a deal, podner, heh heh.

  We have a lotta stuff in the works...hopefully to be revealed to y'all soon. 

Heads up:

Too much other stuffs going on. For everyone.

We'll be missin' y'all! 

We'll try ta make up fer it next time, okie dokie?



This Week {October 15-20}

This week, like we predicted, is going to have a lot less accomplished. And since we blog, photograph, and list stuff after the week we were actually working on it, that will mess things up a little. But only a little. 

Pjs will actually be listed this week. . .

Also, another bit of good news it that our Fall Line 2012 is 2/3 done! (well, almost. 2/3 done as far as sewing goes.)
^ This is the fabric that makes the outfit (Outfit 2, of course)! ^

Outfit two for the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge is in progress (like, already part-way done). I had a head start on it, having had a pretty fair idea of what I wanted to do while I was still making the first one.
Also, I stumbled upon a peasant styled blouse that I sewed years ago. It wasn't wide enough in the shoulders, and I got sick of trying to develop that pattern. Now I'm reinventing the piece for a modern day, everyday princess-style outfit. And boy, is it cute! 
Or girl, I should say. 
There's nothing boyish about it.

I don't know what else will be being done this week since the other gals won't get new baggies until Wednesday, and like we said in our new shop announcement (oh yeah, did we forget to tell you? We updated that this past week) school, family, and church activities come first and foremost. Everything else after. 
So far, so good. 
And we aim to keep it that way.
The sad thing is, I can't aim for my life.
Unless I stop trying. Then I can hit just about anything. 
Funny how that works.
Anyways, I know you hope the same thing that I do: That these other two gals know how to aim a whole mess better!
See y'all back here Wednesday.


Since Yesterday

Since yesterday I managed to actually sew, finishing a shirt and a pair of pants. Both of which are for the future of DolzDreamzzz, and not for immediate listing.
Pajamas have been photographed and listings are in progress of being drafted. 
A ring and another singles shirt (since our first sold like a hot cake, causing our new section to vanish) have been listed today.
I did not mention it yesterday, but we updated our shop welcome message. It needed it; now, come what may, we're not as 'not together' as we have been. =)

Tomorrow is a big day at church for all of us. Twice a year we have designated missions services, and tomorrow is our local/home missions Sunday. We will have 3 or 4 services, lots of singing, and a meal and dessert. And we'll be there all day. =D
It's going to be a great time of learning, fellowship, and encouragement. But it also requires a lot of prep. So I don't think I will manage to create baggies for Elisa and Robyn in time...which means that we won't get as much done this week as we could have or should have. 

Yesterday I told you that I would share more details about the Doll Wardrobe's Fashion Design Challenge. You can read all about the original challenge here.  
Now that you understand what I got myself into (haha), you know that it is voting time. 
I didn't enter our shop to win, necessarily, but to get exposure for our shop, and force myself to create by deadlines. Deadlines are big black monsters in my life, and I thought I ought to at least try to conquer them.
However, winning would be a blessing to our shop, so we would appreciate your votes.
Explanation on how to vote is found in this blog post:

and we quote - 

"You can vote on them as comments on those posts, or via email to
All votes for the First Outfit are due November 9th.
Your voting helps us pick the 2 winners!
All you have to say is "I vote for #___" and that's it. :-)

You can vote for as many entries as you want to.
Feel free to comment on those posts, we think we have enabled that ability."

We are entry number 13. 
And I just realized that today's date is the 13th....weird....

We also encourage you to vote for anyone and everyone elses work who strikes your fancy. (I get the feeling that that was a very grammatically botched sentence). There are quite a few entries that I was tempted to vote for. But I promised myself that I wouldn't vote; because then I would vote for myself, and I don't feel very comfortable with that. 
So, hint hint, vote for them on my behalf!

See y'all soon,
- Paige


Sneak Peek and Unofficial Reveal

I promised a sneak peek of our 1st Fall line outfit, 2012, back on Monday. And I promised it would be on Friday.
With only 2 hours left to the day, I had better get to it!

Meet the Small Town Girl!


^ Huge Grin ^

You know that part of the title that says "unofficial reveal"? Well that refers to the fact that we weren't the ones to officially reveal it. 
You can find it, along with many other entries, on the Doll Wardrobe Blog's new blog specifically for their Fashion Design Challenges. More details on that soon {hopefully tomorrow}. There you will see the above picture for my entry (on behalf of our shop) and the rest of the reveal.
The FDC site: 

Now this gal has to run to make the second part of the FDC deadline: 2nd Design is due today! And like I said at the beginning of this post, there are only 2 hours left to the day.

See y'all back here {hopefully} soon!
~ Paige


It's Wednesday and . . .

And normally today would be a 'personal' post. One where ramblings, photos, and silliness would prevail, and the shop would be 'forgotten'. This Wednesday has been too full for both Elisa and I for either one of us to create a detailed, thoughtful post. So you get the next best thing: What's new in the shop Wednesday!

What IS new in the shop? 
Well, we're glad you asked.

With Robyn, Elisa, and I all working on production, things are actually piling up to be listed, rather than piling up to be planned, cut, or sewn. It's a change, and a great one. =)

While we know that there are another 5-10 listings sitting around headquarters, and major Fall Line progress done, you don't see very much of that as of yet in the shop.
However, we're working on that. 
Since we last shared a new listing with you, we have welcomed another piece of jewelry:
 and a brand new type of item: the S I N G L E. 
And our first single IS - 

And you know what? We may have missed sharing this Visions in Crystal Neck Choker

For all we know, we may have missed sharing listings with you in the past. Make sure you haven't missed anything by visiting our shop every now and then.

See you Friday!
- Paige -


This Week {October 8-13}

This week we will be listing a new jewelry listing, pj's, and maybe something else. 

The 1st Fall Line outfit is finished! We'll begin our reveal soon.

The most important news of all is that we have a new member in our shop!
Y'all remember when I first told you about Lizzie, I mentioned her sister, Robyn? Well, we are very happy to announce that Robyn has joined ranks with us here at DolzDreamzzz as another skilled seamstress!!!
From left to right: Lizzy, Me, and Robyn
 Robyn has been working on tops to the pajamas that we expect to have listed in the shop this week. They would have been at least another week out without her, so thank-you, Robyn!

Photos of the tops in progress:

 We have yet to finish adding her to our Etsy shop officially, but don't worry, we will be. 

If I don't forget, Friday will be another sneak peek at our first fall line outfit, 2012. 
So make sure you check back then. Plus, any listings from the week will be shared in that post. You wouldn't want to miss that, now would you?

See y'all back here Wednesday!



yeah it's crazy and busy and i l♥ve being lazy, so this time of year is definitely not my favorite lol.
school...ugh such a negative word (some of the time at least)
i guess school wouldn't be so bad if i was an organized person :D
this is going to be a short blog. i thought i would just take some time to tell you how my daily life has been going.
7 am means alarms and that dreadful waking up
8 am means school starts
from 8-9 i help my freshman sister with her algebra
at 9 i do my own algebra 2
10 is some science
10:30 chem... :P
11:45 some basic math
noon, blessed noon lol is my 1 hour lunch break
from 1-2 i have history and english
well that's at least how my school schedule is supposed to go lol
i had teaching my two youngest sisters english but that's not going to work with me still doing my junior year of work
yes the truth comes out...i didn't finish 11th grade
i am still a senior though!
just doing a little extra work lol
from 2-4:30 is exercises
sewing/beading/blogging/any other hobbies i enjoy doing
well that's basically my every day life...actually only 3
mondays and thursdays get a little interesting
ya see i also the library
mondays from 10-2 so no school gets done that day just extra activities
and on thursdays from 12-4 so only morning school gets done and no extra activities
sorry if this post isn't exactly the most exciting thing you have ever read, but i know you haven't heard from me in awhile
in july my mom decided to play sports...don't get me wrong she's very athletic and competitive...too competitive
she tore her ACL....yep ouch
well she just had surgery on monday, so that's thrown a loop in my schedule somewhat...i mean i got her ice cream at 1:30 in the morning lol
she's a good patient though and having a spoonful of my favorite ice cream (death by chocolate) at 1:30 isn't so bad ;)
soo paige told me to post some pictures of what im currently sewing (well im supposed to be lol).
i'm sewing jeans...yes i know i live an exciting life lol...but as you probably know paige is the sew master and im the little assistant that tells her what looks best. until now, yes she has put me to work.
soo if everything works out we should have some jeans in these fabrics:
 yeah i know it's out there, but at the same time paige and i kinda think it will be super cute as a pair of jeans
light blue denim

 dark blue denim
this is white...couldn't get that great of a photo of it.
well there's a sneak peak of the jeans to come
hope you enjoyed reading my post today
have a great week and God bless!!!!!


Ready for the Sun

Hello Lovelies!
I hope this post finds you all Wednesday happy, and ready for the sun.
Because I surely am!

Over a week straight, and nothing but overcast skies, rain, and occasional peeks at blue sky, and this gal is more than ready for some nice weather!!!

Lately I've been starting off my mornings with a little bit 'o sugar and chocolate warmth.
There is a gray light to my room, and I slowly blink and drink myself awake. The light rarely gets any stronger, so time seems to freeze. Or at least until I can't delay schoolwork for any longer.
I hit the books, and dig through 'em like a kid through vegetables.

Lunch break is a busy time, filled with correcting younger siblings' schoolwork, getting chores done, and, oh yeah, eating.

Then it's back to whatever work I still need to do, or any extra.
My favorite part is having hours leftover to do whatever I like. Which usually means to sew, but occasionally I write, read, or pummel my siblings on the Wii, reminding them who is boss 'round here.

That seems to be the way my days have been going.

But every once in a while, there is a little bit more to a day. Like a major answered prayer, or loving, thoughtful things by friends, or even playing chess for the first time in years. And after convincing my brother that I couldn't do it anymore (not before he sweat a puddle, though) by losing my first game, I make a quick comeback and squashed him dead.

Life is good.
Life with friends and family is better.
Life with friends and family, and under the control of God is the best.

God is good.
And I am content with that.

On another note, y'all will be hearing from Elisa tomorrow!!!

God Bless Y'all!


This Week {October 1st, 2012}

It's Monday again. =)

And that means we have a whole new week of stuff coming up.

Just some pictures today.
Another peek at the Fall Line (Outfit 1)
Progress on Fall Line (Outfit 2)
Basic Alligator clips, waiting to be dressed up
Working on layered shirts
 We also have pajamas in progress. 

This week, I don't expect to get very much done for listing, simply because I have a photo shoot for the first outfit in our Fall Line, and those photos are due in part 3 of a contest.
I still have to fix and adjust a few things on the outfit, and we're waiting on the shoes.

Yep, shoes. 

We'll be bringing shoes into our shop through our seasonal lines the rest of the year!
. . .
Wanna see a picture of the shoes?

Well, you're gonna have to let us know in the comments.
It'll take two for us to share the shoes with you early....
Otherwise you'll have to wait until we release it.

See ya in a few days!

~ Paige