It's An Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

...Start to 'the big change'. We've changed our cover photos in everything, have all new listings in the shop, and have only skimmed the surface of what we hope to accomplish. So far so good though!

This week's items happen to all contain navy, white, stripes, and extremely affordable prices...
We have 3 scarves, all of which are nearly identical to the listing photos.
 and two different kinds of maxi skirts, with two of each available. 
The difference is in a single side seam - and no, this doesn't change the price at all. 

So while the shop appears to have 4 listings, it really holds a total of 8.
The plan is to have a few more listings (similar kinds, different colors) next weekend.
Till then we'll tinker away at our changes and prep a lengthy blog post or two... you're welcome. ;)

The Gals at DolzDreamzzz


Last Day

The Gals at DolzDreamzzz are getting ready for a new season - both in shop and out! 
In order to be able to continue DolzDreamzzz and keep up with life, several major changes are being made to how we do things, who does what, and how we go about interacting with customers and potential customers (plus the ever-adorable gawkers; the level right before potential customer, in case you didn't know). We thought that while we were at it, we'd go ahead and do a  complete DolzDreamzzz overhaul. That means the shop, blog, Facebook page, and Pinterest are all going to undergo a basic makeover, as well as a redo of how some of these outlets are 'run'. 
{If you are new to us, run is in quotation marks because this summer, as we ran about frantically in our day to day lives, our shop moved slower than a snail. We tell ourselves that we were taking all that time to mull things over - and we have been, too, but that's a lame excuse for not keeping up and sewing anything...or posting, or pinning, or making a peep whatsoever}

THURSDAY {9-19-13}
*That's today!*
is your last day to purchase anything we currently have in our shop.
FRIDAY {9-20-13}
our shop will go into vacation mode for at least a week (till 9-27-13)
at which end we will reopen with a brand new look, brand new stock, and a brand new plan. 
The same day or day after the shop reopens, the remake to our blog, FB, and pinterest will be complete. 

For local customers - 
 We have a booth at Malta Community Day (if you visit the link, view page 4 for details including location) and will be there all day from 10 AM to 4 PM. The remainder of our shop items will be available for purchase there, as well as several new items. There will also be a raffle at our table - be sure to stop by and enter! We will draw a name at the end of the day, contact the winner, and send them their prize for free!