Thanks So Much

Dear DolzDreamzzz Followers & Customers:
We are writing this to express our sincerest thanks for all of your support and participation in our journey with DolzDreamzzz! We have come so very far from where we began – yet that wouldn't matter in the least if it were not for you, sweet ones! So, thank-you. So very, very much. You've all been delightful, and we are so pleased to know that we have made many friends and acquaintances along the way.
Sadly, the time has come for DolzDreamzzz to close. Permanently.
We had ideas of continuing to grow, passing on the business to siblings, seeing it last our lifetime etc. – we most certainly hadn't been planning to end the adventure so soon! That wasn't in the blueprints...until the end of last year. It was hard to keep up with one of us in college - and now with both of us having to work so much, both of us being in school this fall, and family and church as priorities, we simply do not have the time to make anything of DolzDreamzzz. 
Perhaps, someday, we could start something new when we can truly invest our time, and the watch a new business grow as big as we can manage. We could take all of the lessons we learned from our time with DolzDreamzzz and apply them, as well as new strategies and dreams, to a new venture.
Perhaps, someday, you will see us in the entrepreneurial world once again.

Until then,
Paige & Elisa

P.S. You can still reach us through e-mail – should you wish to keep in touch or ask us questions!