Fantabulous Friday {If Only}

Socks are coming, socks are coming!
They have yet to be finalized....
But that should happen tomorrow or Sunday. 

I'm about to run upstairs to finish the Holiday Scene Stealer. 
And sew the last two socks. 
And think about all the pictures I took the other day, that I have yet to swap out or put up for the first time in our shop listings. 
And blast the Christmas music.
And crave chocolate.
And pack up an order. 
And memorize the 2nd to last verse in the Roman's Road. 
Flick on my snowflake Christmas lights,
and dance to Bobby Helms when he sings "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree".
Then it's back downstairs to wash dishes, stuff my face, watch MacGyver, and listen to my elephant sisters thumping around the room after lights out.
Pjs, Bible time, and sleep.

Totally ignoring my newest game obsession (candy crush!), my math quizzes, the state of my bottom bunk, and listing stuffs on Etsy.
 That's what tomorrow is for.
It's a good thing it's always today!!!

; )

I would like to briefly vent:

Now I would like to state the flip side to that:

I'm sure no explanation is necessary.
I believe I have a new sales tactic to apply.... =P

Since I must get on with those things to do {and not do}, I will leave you with some pics that I took during the photo shoots when I got a little bored...
 Completely unedited, as were the photos of the custom order.

*Yes, the rant had to do with the most recent sale
*Yes, the pj's below are going to hit the shop - around the same time as the socks. Comfy combo, huh?

Feliz Navidad Amigos!
- Paige


Mid-Week Ramblings {Photography}

It's Wednesday already! 
Boy how time flies. 

Today I'm going to go practically wordless - is that possible for me?!? - and just do a photo post of the custom order I was working on last week and this weekend.
I'm so happy that the photos and the day finally cooperated!
For me, I don't feel proud of what I do until I can see it through the lens for what it really is. The camera won't lie to me. Just as every fault will become obvious, so will every perfect stitch, and every little detail. It's my way of truly evaluating what I've accomplished, through another perspective. And my way of chasing doubts away - I have to believe in what I do. If I can't make how I feel about the item come across in how I photograph it, then it isn't good enough. There are things in our shop even now, that I can't stand, simply because the photography is not what it could be. Or because it's an item from years ago, and part of it is not up to our current standards, or our customers' expectations. And I want to see that change. I only bother to renew the ones that I know I can adjust to my satisfaction. And others....well, I just give them to my sisters, and listen to their hushed voices as they discuss what is wrong with me, for giving them something so special for no apparent reason. When they've come to a satisfactory conclusion (they crack me up with some of their ideas!) the fights about who gets to use it first begin, haha.

So, like I was saying (back at the beginning), I took photos of the custom order. I couldn't be happier with them! The best part of the photo shoot was that there were snowflakes falling softly all around me - not enough to be caught on camera, but enough to not mind the temperature so much. That, and an impromptu pine cone photo shoot.
Don't even wonder. 
You'll just get too concerned about me, and then confused, and then scared. 
Just ask Elisa. She'll tell it like it is. 
She's a tough one, that Elisa gal. I suppose that's why we've been friends for so long - she can handle me. 

Now, that was practically wordless.
For me, anyway. 
Now for the pics. 


 So then, Friday?
See ya then!

God Bless You,
- Paige


Monday Forecast {11.26.12}

First off, remember we have free shipping until 10 PM tonight.
Second, well, an apology.
I am completely at fault for the Holiday scene Stealer not arriving today. Elisa even made a beautiful necklace to finish it off with. I simply have not hemmed the jacket; and then there's that evil sleeve. I don't know what it is, but every time I sew no-stretch sleeves - I've measured! - they come out the same size, but the doll's right sleeve is way harder to put on. The left slips on, fairly normal. But the right! It's a mini tug-of-war session that makes me wonder whether the sleeve of the hand is going to break first. Ok, maybe that's a teensy weensy bit exaggerated, but nevertheless, it's not too far off.
But I haven't been doing nothing.
I've been working on a custom order all week long.
If tomorrow cooperates better with product photography, I will try to redo the photos of the custom order and share them with you then. Until I do, I'd rather not remind myself of today's photo frustrations by posting the best pics I got (and if you peek in our shop for the listing, you'll see that they aren't our best).
Socks will make it into the shop. We're just undecided about how we'll be listing them. :)

I don't have my list with me right now, but there will be more in the shop this week - hopefully that will include new pj's and more singles.


Cyber Monday Deal at DolzDreamzzz

This basically says it all.
A lot of new stuff will be hitting the shop this week - stuff like this new listing:

Sorry we abandoned y'all Friday. Another not intended absence. :(

God Bless Yas,
Paige and Elisa


Roasting Chestnuts


Our pretty red and black outfit set has been in the shop for 20 some-odd minutes. Have you seen it yet?

And if you didn't know, you may be surprised to learn that the Small Town Girl has sold, and is already on her way to a new home! (Yes, I did cry. But more for joy than anything else. The new owners are very nice)

There are a lot of things we could talk about, or inform you of, but we'll save them for another time. For now, you just need to know that while we really want to put the Holiday Scene Stealer in the shop on Friday, if it's not done, or not perfect, we will hold off until Sunday or even Monday to list it. Let's hope that's not the case, ok?

Thanks for visiting, and may God bless you and yours both tomorrow and for the rest of the season!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Paige & Elisa

PS. No mandatory awful goody today - we figure you'll eat that voluntarily several times tomorrow. Tehehe.


Small Town Girl

She has arrived!

Our shop views have been through the roof lately, and we can't wait to see the results of our Fall Line in the shop. 

Now we cry...because it's so beautiful.
You go ahead and stay strong; we're going to find some tissues.
 {insert sniffles here}

God bless you and keep you until we write again!
~ Paige and Elisa

20 Minutes

At 6 PM, we will list the 1st Fall Line outfit, the Small Town Girl. Just 20 minutes! We think we can manage to make 6 PM for Wed. and Fri. as well, so we'll make that our Fall Line release hour.

Can't Wait!
Paige and Elisa

*All our times are based on EDT.

Monday Forecast {11.19.12}

We have no new listings. 
We have no "this is going to be done this week".
This week I have a custom order to fill, a previous sewing project to complete, family clothes to mend, hem, or adjust, and a day to be extra Thankful and eat way too much food. I will not be shopping Black Friday...simply because to shop, one must have a means of payment. Otherwise, one is shoplifting, and that is rather frowned upon in our society, haha. For all of you who are, spend a little, get a lot, and don't be the people featured in the news due to trampling casualties, ok? 

I would like to list a lot of new stuff in the shop this week; I think perhaps I could put up socks. That's better than nothing new.
Especially when they're cute like this. 
And that'll be as far as...wait. There was something else. Something big. Something party-in-your-kitchen-and-scare-the-neighbors big. 

Oh, I remember. Something about the Fall Line.
; )

Ho boy! Are you ready for the release schedule?
We're going to release 
this week, and not necessarily in order of design. 
This evening, we'll meet (officially) the Small Town Girl. A 6 piece set, and the first of our FL2012.
We expect to see it in the shop late this afternoon, or this evening. If life wasn't so lifey, and we could schedule listings on Etsy, we would give you an exact time. Instead, we'll give you FB and Blog posts to keep you in the loop.
Just a reminder Quote:
"Every day, (unless something drastic happens, like forgetting) we are going to give you a new sneak peek pic and a teaser caption.
We will also order you to eat a certain waistline-hating goody and toast our holiday season success. 
Then we will walk you through the emotional process of dealing with our awesomeness.
It's tough on everyone, but you'll make it through. We know you will."

The sneak peeks will only continue for the Holiday Scene Stealer, and only when we have pics to show, haha.
I hope you have chocolate ice cream and cocoa. (You know, so that after you freeze, you can thaw). Because that is today's ordered waist-line hating goody.

No seriously, if you have it, don't hesitate to eat it all up.
You are allowed to skip the dancing and hollering, but you won't escape forever.

That was supposed to be ominous.

Oh well.
Write y'all later on!



HSS Sneak Peek

We appreciate the positive feedback we've had from y'all over the Fall Line!

Today we're sharing a "fuller" sneak peek of the Holiday Scene Stealer outfit.
Yes, it's not a great shot, and it's not only the Holiday Scene Stealer, but it's the most recent one we have. :)

These outfits are going to be in the shop this week!!!
{ insert happy yell here }

Paige and Elisa


Another Sneak Peek

Here's a full on front shot of our newly completed fall line outfit!

And, today, you learn the name!
This red and black outfit made us think bold and on fire, but we struggled to come up with a name. We started to think of phrases from Christmas songs, and the phrase, "chestnuts roasting on an open fire...." seemed right. The red brings warmth, like roasting; the set will keep you warm without sacrificing style; and who doesn't love roasting chestnuts on an open fire?
Roasting Chestnuts it is!

A line up of our fall line outfits in order by name:
Small Town Girl
Holiday Scene Stealer
Roasting Chestnuts

Y'all know that the Holiday Scene Stealer is almost, but not quite, done. That means it will most likely be the last one to be listed in the shop, even though it's design number 2. Not that you care, but we do. We've been working on this for pretty much forever; we've gotten attached to our methods (or lack thereof).

Are you excited for the Fall Line 2012 to hit the shop?
Do you have a favorite outfit (of the two that are completed), or are you going to wait to decide?
What do you think of the names?
And what do you like or dislike about them?
And most importantly, are you going to join us in celebrating?
(by having cookies and cocoa, cupcakes, and Christmas music, dancing around and giggling)

We hope you'll leave us comments either here, or on our FB wall/page!

See ya tomorrow!
Paige and Elisa


Sneak Peek Photo!

We love red and black together, especially in this outfit.
Tomorrow we'll tell you it's name. In the meantime, any guesses at what we'll call it?
- Paige and Elisa

It's Happenin' Alright

I used to have no trouble posting with fairly good titles. Now I always feel so lame about them, and they annoy me. Oh well.
They're probably a foretaste of the lameness to come.

First order of business: what's happened since Wednesday -

New in the shop:

Sneak Peek pic shared on Facebook yesterday:
Fashion Scarf - Final Fall Line Outfit
You guessed it - the 3rd outfit is done!
Now to finish the accessories for the 2nd outfit, and we'll be all set. The jacket will take 30 minutes to finish. The jewelry..still needs to be bought and made. The photo shoot will take about an hour. One day? Maybe 2? No problem. 
(Of course, now that I've said that, something will happen)

The entire Fall Line WILL be released and listed next week. We may have a special deal on Cyber Monday. You will want to drool all over the outfits, cry because you can't decide, and then cry again when you can't get them all.
We're already going through that process.
We don't want to see them go. :'(
These three outfits, are the BEST WE HAVE EVER DONE.
And if we keep on like this, imagine what the Winter Line will look like?
Btw, the winter line comes out in 2013.
And it's going to be different from our first two fall lines in a very awesome way.

Since the Fall Line outfit comes out (completely) next week, we think y'all should get really excited. I mean, we don't want to be the only ones with cookies and cocoa, cupcakes, and Christmas music, dancing around and giggling.
That would just be weird. 
 So join us in our celebration!
Every day, (unless something drastic happens, like forgetting) we are going to give you a new sneak peek pic and a teaser caption.
We will also order you to eat a certain waistline-hating goody and toast our holiday season success. 
Then we will walk you through the emotional process of dealing with our awesomeness.
It's tough on everyone, but you'll make it through. We know you will. 
After all, you have to read blog posts written by me, and deal with my great humbleness. If you can make it through that each week (and our stats show that you do), then we know you've gotta be as tough as my nails. They're rather like claws. And they prefer to stay untrimmed.
Only I would compare friends to my nails....

I betcha that's why Elisa cringes everytime I publish another post. She probably wonders what I just did to deter you from coming back or what I just said to scare off sales.
What can I say?
My wittiness is both a gift, and a curse.
(Elisa would say mostly a curse)
One that I am not quite master of yet....

Well, I am sure that I will hear all about it tonight, as right after work, I'm going to head over to her house and spend the night (and most of the next day, I would guess).
My main objective this evening will be to avoid a lecture.
Some people are just so responsible. 
It shocks me, really.
Rather disgusting waste of talent and time. 
At least that's not one of my problems.

Please Note:
Haha, please don't think I'm really like this. It's a mood I sometimes get into, but that's as deep as it goes. 
This is really why Elisa likes me - cuz I'm not completely "all there".
Actually, if I were to be completely honest, she really likes me just to eat my food, and steal my clothes, and drag me around like she has someplace important to go, and laugh at my lack of intelligence, and.... well, maybe that's not completely true either. 
Better stick with my former assumption.
Disregard the latter.
(I'll get in too much trouble)

Watch for today's sneak peak photo!
 I'll do my best to post it to FB and here at the same general time. 

Blessings Y'all!
- Paige


♥ Tis the Season ♥

Mmm, the Holiday Season. 
I believe it is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most tasty times of year a person can enjoy.
So let's enjoy it. 
It's so easy to get caught up in everything that is going on - people to see, places to go, things to do.
But let's all agree to forget that. Let's agree to relish all the special moments.
Secrets to share, packages to hide, little ones counting pennies, feasts to devour. 
Smiles and laughter, hugs and kisses, photos, videos, and all things merry and bright. 
Morning coffees, cookies and cocoa, late night snacks.
Warm beds, toasty fires, fuzzy socks.
Snowflakes, frosty windows, glistening icicles.
Crunching footsteps, scraping shovels, thudding snowballs, shrieks, and payback.
Carols, bells, and other cheerful music.
So many delightful things to start enjoying, once more.

* * *

I thought we would be sharing a new listing with you today, but that isn't exactly how things worked out. We listed the orange and white flower jacket, and it sold before the day was over.
Tis the season!

Tomorrow we will most likely be photographing our second entry to the Doll Wardrobe's FDC, and we will do our best to list the grey jersey slouch jacket as well.

See ya Friday!
- Paige


A Little Different

This week is going to be a little different. Most of us aren't going to sew anything new for the shop, and if we do, it won't show up this week. Maybe photos of new items, but most likely not any of the listings. 

Well, it's 6 weeks and less than a day until Christmas. We know things aren't going to slow down at all, and we all have a lot to do to get ready for the holiday season. To be perfectly honest, to know that Thanksgiving is next week, and that Christmas is 42 days and less than 4 hours away scares me. What happened to fall? 
For that matter, what happened to the summer,
Or the spring,
Or the winter before?

Time really does fly.
Maybe not when you're 5, or even 10. But once you start to take on the responsibilities of the adult world, things change quickly. And there is no going back. 

Starting down a rabbit trail...
I'm good at those. : )

We will be listing 2 new items this week for sure; anything more than that is a bonus.

I have to finish, photograph, and submit the 2nd part to the D.W. Fashion Design Challenge this Friday. I have a custom piece that I have been working on for some time that I would really like to finish (and my customer would love to have to use!), I have a whole box of sewing jobs for the family to do, and lots of other sewing stuff. Catching up on school and doing normal things add up to a very busy week. 
 But here's the good part - by Friday, I have to have a 2nd Fall Line outfit done. The Holiday Scene Stealer is so close, it's crazy. There would be nothing to stop the Fall Line from being revealed and released in our shop the end of next week. Just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In retrospect, it's not that bad, as far as timing goes. : )

Wednesday we'll share a new slouch jacket about orange and white to make your day brighter?

 Robyn has been such a blessing to us here - we will be photographing more pj's soon thanks to the shirts she finished recently!

And remember the Modern Day Princess we've mentioned?
Here's another update, photo style.

A side note:
Friday was crazy. We never intended to skip posting. Sorry. : (

More to come Wednesday!
 - Paige