Simply Saturday

So I had a busy week, and didn't blog Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. I did intend to blog....but that didn't happen. So instead I'll post a little bit of what I meant to do. Mostly photos. I'll have to explain later. =) But I think you'll get a glimpse of my week in these photos.

I believe Elisa plans on blogging again this upcoming week, but if that's not the case, you'll be hearing from me soon. =)

Here are my top 'pics' of the week!

 For those who may be wondering, only pics 1, 2, and 4 were edited. I didn't have time to spruce up the others.

Any questions about these pics? Want to know certain details? Ask anything in the comments below, and I will answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity to the best of my ability when I post about them!

Thanks for reading what little I managed to post this week!!!


Etsy Shop Birthday Bash Finds! =)

Continuing with the Birthday Bash theme, I'm going to share my favorite party shops with you. I am pretty sure that these places will not only give you awesome inspiration, but they may just be so awesome that you won't be able to help yourself...and have a party with one of these ladies products. =) 

I discovered Amanda's Parties TO GO sometime last week or so, and I am in LOVE! She does an amazing job at what she does, and I love reading about her products and more on her blog.
♥ AdOrE ♥

Want some vintage charm, crafted and shared with you by a lovely lady, Stacy? Visit her shop, "Lemonade Moments", and see what she's all about!
♥ Who doesn't like a little vintage charm?!? ♥

I started researching more shops if this nature on Etsy, and here are my finds:
Print Candee
Love Monkeys in Fedoras and mustaches!!! Check it OUT: One Bad Bird Designs
Say it NINJAS! Cupcake Cutiees Party

A couple of random listings that caught my eye:
Custom Princess Party Pack (maybe one for your little princess?)

Search around, and find all sorts of awesome places that I didn't have time to check out! Enjoy!



Monday Madness And A Little Bit of Birthday Bash!

Two Words.


All. Day. Long
For everyone, everywhere.
Hope your madness isn't/wasn't too mad!

Today I'm going to do a sort of random post. Wait. Aren't they all? Especially with me writing them!

Are you ready?

Today is the start of a sort of "Birthday Bash" here on the blog. 
I come from a large family. My older sister has a big family. Add in church friends, Facebook friends that you are close to, but don't see often, and a few special close friends, and you've got yourself a whole a passel of birthdays...all year long!

May is like an explosion - I think there is about 2 days average in between all the birthdays. June is MUCH better. I think a whole 5 days elapse in between most...and sometimes more. July...July has a very special person's birthday in it. And that person's gifts will be blogged about as time allows.

For now, I'm going to share with you the VERY BELATED gift I gave to one of my close friends.....a personalized gift card!

One that makes her day (hopefully) awesome, and mine somewhat expensive but mostly exhausting. A good trade for sure.
By somewhat expensive, I mean I'll be spending more than ten bucks...and for a girl whose "spending envelope" is pretty empty, that means expensive. 
Maybe it's an emergency....that envelope is less

My very dear, gorgeous, friend, Lizzy's birthday was several weeks ago.

I planned my gift a whole month ahead of time, in order to prevent being late.
Guess what?
I was late. By like a month. . . . =/
What's up with that?
If you know, give me a holler. I have done better for gifts the day of, after completely forgetting. So why did I forget, even after relishing the thought for nights on end (the only time I get to "think frivolously" is right before I go to sleep)? Maybe the MIB stole my memory again. I think it's likely.
. . .
Ok, maybe not.
Moving on.
I went to our open office writing program, picked a pretty font, and wrote:
 Birthday Play Date Certificate

This certificate is redeemable for the following:
  •  Hairstyling and make-up (by yours truly)
  • Eating out at Subway
  • You drive us ' all over the place' unless it's a day when my Mom is free (haha, what a gift!)
  • A Photo Shoot of YOU
  • Watching a movie of your choice
  • Stuffing faces with popcorn
  • Digital copies of the day's photos
Maybe you're thinking, "Man, I would like a gift like that," or, "That's awful sweet,". 
Note - if those aren't your thoughts, then you're bad for my ego, and I politely ask you to reconsider your reaction. Thanks. =)

In order to correct your thoughts, I think I'll start by fessin' up.
I wasn't really being sweet. That was an afterthought.
I was being selfish.
For several reasons.
  • I really, really enjoy photographing people. 
  • I adore redheads.
  • I want to photograph all my friends to show them just how very beautiful they are - a personal thing I might share with you some day.
  • I wanted to have a day out
  • Lizzy is awesome
  • Lizzy reads this blog, so I can't tell you the next one or two....hahaha...
Those were my main reasons. =)

I also typed up an accompanying set of notes, which I stuck inside her card. Nothing fancy.
  • This certificate does NOT expire
  • All items do not have to be done at once
  • You pick the day; I'll do my best to work it in
  • Movie and Popcorn can be exchanged for ice cream out, or something similar. I am on a budget for this (Shut-UP, Dave Ramsey!!! lol), but if there is something else you really want, let me know , and I would be happy to try to work it out!
  • If you want we, could do some thrift surfing for the perfect photo shoot outfit a week or more before the photo shoot. (I have suggestions)
  • I would REALLY like to take the pictures in July or August. I have this beautiful vision of what the pictures will look like! And guess what? The gorgeous red-head has your face! And it's simple, so it won't take long to prepare for. I can't wait!  
  • I want you to have an awesome day [with me], so don't hesitate to rule something out or tell me that you would rather not do something. 
  • TIME- I was thinking we would get you ready in the morning, go for lunch, and take pictures in the afternoon. Other ideas? Preferred times?
The gift certificate was cut out and put on some pretty scrapbook paper I've had for a year or two. It was an oversize gift card, but that's cuz there was a lot on it. And the font wasn't conducive to (YES! I've always wanted to say that....) small spaces.

The card was pretty, pink, and had sweet words on it. 
After consulting Robyn, one of Lizzy's closest sisters, about the best way to deliver the gift, I mailed it out.
The next day, Lizzy wrote me.
"I got your card today. I was so excited!!! I will have to start planning when we can get together soon. I didn't expect anything and I'm excited to have fun with you. Also the photo shoot sounds like SO MUCH fun!!!!!!"


Maybe my selfish reasons were sweet after all. =D

Of course I made it proper, and said MISS (Lizzy's full first name here) on the front. I think that was the most exciting part of the envelope. ;-)

I wrote random sayings on the back - random, but chosen carefully. They have meaning.
What do I mean!?!
Just that. They weren't random craziness, but random awesomeness. lol

As it turns out, Robyn will be joining us and adding to the fun! I'm really looking forward to it!



Silent Sunday ~ And Photo Shoot Exclusives

For the next two weeks that I have for blogging, the plan is simple - "have a theme, write little, and post photos much" (in likeness to live long, laugh often, love much). 

I was thinking -
A dangerous thing,
Especially for me -
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then you guys have been having an awful time of it with my posts lately. ;)
And if that is true, then y'all are gonna be worse off, especially if it's a minimum of 5 photos each post. =)

Today - photo shoot extras from our newest Summer Line 2012 listing! (Only 3 currently available. We have enough yarn on hand to make two more; altogether creation time is 3-4 hours. Your order will ship in normal time, which is why it is not listed as made to order.)

First shot of 'em all - starting off right.

The "natural" state of the listing photos - not much different from the edited versions, but all, except upper right, were not quite accurate. The sun doesn't exactly obey orders about light strength or direction. =)

Close up of Little Miss Gorgeous

 So far, which item is you favorite of our Summer Line 2012? The Beachcomber Jacket and this Multipurpose Fashion Accessory are 2 out of 3, and the only ones crocheted. The final 'item' will probably only have two available (complete, that is) ever, but will feature a new pattern (assuming it works) and another color of the fashion accessory pictured above.



Fantastic Friday

Nope. Photography Friday is NEXT week. Today is Fantastic Friday. 
There are lots of reasons to find Friday to be a fantastic day - and one of those reasons is that the weekend is almost here!
Another is that you have my blog post to read. =)

Today I'm going to share some miscellaneous things that I have been meaning to share with y'all for awhile now.

Starting with American Girl . . .

. . .

As I am sure you know by now, Caroline Abbott is a new Historical doll coming out this September!

. . .

McKenna Shoots for the Stars is coming to Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on July 3 and airing July 14, Sat 8/7c on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

. . .

Now for a few Independence Day ideas!  (for some reason our cybersitter software is blocking me from All for the Boys, so I can't post the exact link. There is absolutely no reason why it should be's kid crafts, pictures, and ideas, for crying out loud! But until it's cleared, I can only post a link to my pin)

Y'all enjoy your Friday - I'll try to blog again tomorrow. =)



Bee-u-tiful Creatures

A couple of weeks ago, at one of my super handsome nephew's birthday parties, I ran across the street to take some pictures of nature. I was completely blessed to run across some precious, wild purple flowers, and a teeny honeybee pollinating the blooms.

I have found myself wanting to get unique shots more often. Not just a flower. Not just a tree. Not just a blade of grass. I want to capture the beautiful (although often pesky) little creatures living out their short lives in our world. 
The other day I was a little (well, a lot more than a little) annoyed with myself for forgetting my camera at home. I had multiple opportunities to capture the kinds of unique shots I have been meaning to take, and I had to miss out on all of them.

Just goes to show me that I can never, ever, think, "Oh, I'm not going to be taking pictures today - there's nothing worthwhile," again!

Normally during my weeks, Thursday would bee Tasty Thursday. Well, I only have one post planned for that, and it's reserved for next week. Sorry y'all.
This is not a Photography Friday, either.

It's a Bee-u-tiful post composed mostly of this adorable little honeybee and his time on the flower.
You had better bee-lieve me, these two were meant to be together!

A shot....of his beehind?
 His stripes were meant to bee.
To bee, or not to bee?
 He is living the life if beease!

Hehe, the corniness is my Dad's fault, hands down. 





Pronounced  -  SHTUFF.
Meaning - stuff.

Not a new word for me, but maybe it is for you. It's not in the dictionary. I already checked. But that's ok. I have an official-looking license fro the government giving me the authority and power necessary to invent and coin my own words and phrases.
. . .
No, of course I don't really. You shouldn't be so gullible around me!

Oh, that's right. You thought I was Elisa. My bad.

Due to what is going on in her life right now, she is not up to blogging. I don't really feel up to it either, but I offered to take over until she is able to do her week again. That could be tomorrow, or it could be the first week in July, or it could be even later.

So that is why you are stuck with me!
. . .

I know. I know. Didn't you just hear from me? I'm sorry about that. Trust me, I'm sick of you too....JK. I love y'all!

My Motto for the rest of the week? Write very little, but say a lot.
Not very likely for me. But I'm trying.


It's been hot out. Sticky. Icky. Suffocating.
Typical summer weather.
I l♥ve it!

However, I don't love that I have a week and a half of school left to my year. I really can't wait to be done.

Sometimes I can't help but stare at my massive pile of schoolbooks and start to cry. 
And other times, I look at them and rejoice - next Friday (or Saturday) they are gonna leave my room and never come back!
I don't look forward to meeting my new 'buddies' this fall. 
Summer break is way too short.
Especially when there are 6 weeks with VBS (one to prepare ours, another to have it, and the entire month of August spending Friday nights at another VBS), a whole week of exhausting (but totally worth it) camp, maybe family camp, and a zillion cookouts and parties.
Not that I don't enjoy all of those things - in fact, if I were to miss any of them I would be pretty bummed. It's just not much of a chance to relax and prepare for another awful 10 months of school.

Well, thankfully today my siblings got a chance to relax. A dear friend called and asked if they others wanted to go swimming this afternoon. Of course they did!
We rushed through chores and finished most of our schoolwork. After getting permission from Mommers, the rest of the gang joined me on my somewhat frequent visits to our friends' house.
While they splashed and shrieked and stayed (somewhat) cool, I did what I have been doing every once in a while at my friend's house: sewing.
I'm not sewing doll clothes.
I'm not sewing human clothes.
I'm not sewing invisawear. That would be awkward.
I'm sewing a slipcover!

I don't know why, but I don't do things the traditional way. I'll blame my Mommers. She's kinda strange. And that's probably why we're best buddies.
(No. That's not why Elisa and I are friends. We're friends because I'm a creepy weirdo of a person, and she's a gorgeous perfect person. I have confidence in abilities I may or may not have, and she doubts herself. Hanging around me makes sure she feels good about herself. It's a good friendship. ;) lol)
 If you look up tutorials on making slipcovers, you'll get an idea of the work involved.
And if you look up slipcovers for wingback chairs you will know exactly what I am doing. Or am I? 

Like I said, I'm nontraditional. See how they say to cut out the shapes and sew it this way and that way? Well I decided to drop the fabric over the entire chair, pin it into shape, cut here and there, and sew it.
Most of my crazy ideas flop. 
But not this one!!!
Five or six more hours of focused, productive time working on that slipcover, and it will be done!!! Providing that the problem areas that I am approaching are kind to me, that is. But most of the details are done...and done right.
Also, unlike most first time projects, I have a seam rip out ratio of 2:15 (something like that, anyway. I've only ripped out 2 or 3). 
I think I broke my record - which was more like 20:1. =)
 I really hope it turns out right. So far so good (knock on wood), but I'm not "out of the woods" yet.

When it's finished, I'll show y'all pics.

For now, how about some water pics to bring fond memories of or feelings of excitement for summer!!!

Water Gun Fights
Making rainbows with the hose
Filling the kiddy pool and watching the bubbles




News Flash

Hi Y'all!

This is just a quickie post to tell you that our DolzDreamzzz Multipurpose Crocheted Fashion Accessory is being released tomorrow! 
For those of you who aren't on Facebook, or haven't liked our Facebook page, this is the preview pic we posted earlier today.
 Getting excited yet?

 Want to know more?
Read all about it next week!  

~Paige and Elisa


Simply Saturday

It's Saturday! Simply Saturday. A gorgeous day, a true gift and blessing of God. With sunny skies and fluffy white clouds, I don't think today could get much better ♥.

I'm going to attempt to do today what I didn't do yesterday.
Such as actually blogging about the things I promised in my preview of the week, on Monday.

First up, Etsy Announcements!
  • Etsy was down this morning, making changes to the site. It's officially back up, as of a short while ago, and you can go back to your Etsy shopping anytime you please!
  • A change that Etsy made, NOT a part of this morning's site maintenance, was to add a SHOP about section. I spent time working with Elisa this morning, filling that out. I think the new section is gorgeous to work with, and I hope y'all like how we did it. Check it out!
  • Another change we made in our shop was to finally update the Rapunzel set's photos. We had taken the proper photos about a week or so ago, and kept forgetting to update. But now it's ready! 
  • Also, I'm considering putting our shop "on vacation" for a day sometime next month, just so that we can update our policies, overhaul a listing or two, and freshen up a bit. We will let you know through our blog, Facebook page, and Shop Announcements when that day will be. But this is your "big" heads up. :)

After all that "heavy" stuff, I think I should post something fun. Don't you?
At the beginning of the week, I posted a picture of an adorable, comfy, soft teddy-bear wearing earbuds, and posing for a picture. I think it's about time I explained. ;)

The bear is Elisa's, given to her by a friend, and the picture and story come from our most recent sleepover. While Elisa was writing a message to a friend, her oldest younger sister and I decided to play a prank. =D I ♥ pranks!

Elisa loves that bear. So do I. I want one....sigh......wait, where was I? Oh yes. The prank. 
 Since Elisa was distracted, and we couldn't start the movie without her, her sister and I decided to "fool around" with Elisa's bear, and after we had caused Elisa to completely ignore us because of our "immaturity" then we'd hide him. And not bring him back out. 

The plan was to wait until Elisa had looked everywhere and started to freak out before I told her. But she'd had a really stressful day, and I took pity on her. Just before we turned the lights out, I told her her bear's "final resting place". She did sorta get mad. SO... I would have to say it was a successful prank. 

I based it off from a camp prank the girls in her cabin at camp played last year - Where's Oliver? They took their counselor's favorite stuffed pig, Oliver, and took him all over camp, taking pictures of all of Oliver's stops along the way. And finally, they took their counselor's clothes and put them in the rafters....and I think they might have left a ransom note or something or other. I'm not certain on the details, but I thought it was pretty good. =)

We were in the camper for the night, so there weren't many options...but we made do. I decided to make Mr. Bear look like he was just chillin' out everywhere, so I gave him my ear buds. I think he was grateful. 
Chllaxin' in the shower

On the stove

In the cupboard

In the fridge - hey, look, and old soda!

Unfortunately, in order to keep Elisa from noticing, I did not get a picture of his "final resting place" - the oven! Hahaha.....

And remember these pictures?

 Well, I have been planning what to turn them into in my spare time - and I think I have it down for certain! I won't be able to touch them for a few weeks, but in the meantime, I have been working on finding possible accessories. The things I have already found, and anything more I find will be added to this board on pinterest. Not everything on there will be for the fabrics above...some pins may be for other projects coming up.
Feel free to browse through and get an idea of what we're gonna do!


Photography Friday

OK. So, I didn't do a Photography Friday last time. And I almost skipped again this week.
I have several things planned for today's post, but I don't think they are going to happen. So plan B - Photography Friday. :)

I am shamefully behind in posting daily pics. But I do make an effort fairly often. However, I don't always manage to post them online. And some show people or places that I cannot share on our blog. Yet.

Here are my most recent pics - hope you enjoy!

Gorgeous Irises

Artsy look at our fallen tree

Hose Rainbow

Pretty Dandelion
Lilac getting ready to bloom

Vibrant flower

Elisa and I at Easter time


Random Shot - I didn't even know I took this....I think I was carrying my camera, turned on, and hit the button.....not bad, for random beauty!

Another artsy shot of our tree, cut and waiting to be hauled away

As with any of my pictures...

***I do not put watermarks on my personal images, and I do not block people from pinning them or stealing them from our blog. 

I want to trust you. Please don't hurt me by taking what does not belong to you. I use the honor system - I trust you to do nothing with/to my pictures that you do not have permission to do. 

If you like my pictures and want to pin them, that's fine! But if you want to take my pictures and feature them someplace else, please e-mail me about it first, and please don't claim them as your own.

Our e-mail is .***
 Which pic above is your favorite?
I'm torn between the irises, and the cardinal!