Photo Time!

 Howdy! It's been awhile since you have heard from me, hasn't it? Man life sure can be busy, especially if you are a pastor's kid lol.'s awesome, long but oh so awesome.

This summer was filled with VBS, Family Camp, Youth Activities, School (yes still doing some school...shh don't tell anyone), and a lot more so far. Upcoming is teen camp and another church's VBS...FUN!

I have another blog for VBS and I'll be telling you all about it. Meanwhile I thought I would show some pictures that I've taken. I know I haven't done one of these in awhile.

I won't have time to write another blog till Thursday and I'll be explaining some of my busyness then. Also expect a gardening blog and a sneak peek for Etsy...if I don't do them then I'll be sure to post them next time.

Enjoy the photos!
Every time I see a rabbit, my goal is to get as close as I possibly can to it. I've gotten better at sneaking up on them over the years.

L♥ve this photo. I have a story to tell you about one these little guys in my gardening blog...looking forward to sharing it

Railroads....I can honestly say I never get tired of looking at pictures of them. This picture was taken at North Creek, NY...great place for photos
This photo is an album of mine called Simple Things. It's one of my favorite things to capture...a simple photo that captures the beauty of God's creation.

A white peacock...not as colorful as the other one that I showed on the Creation Museum blog, but just as beautiful in it's own way

Absolutely l♥ve waterfalls. I would go anywhere just to see one. Hiking to one is one of my favorite things to do

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos of mine. There will be more later this week.

Have a great night and week! God bless!



Photography Friday {And Link Up to Lucia's Photo Challenge}

It's Photography Friday again
My favorite blogging day.
Or maybe my favorite day is Tasty Thursday. 
Probably both, depending on my mood. Both are yummy - it just depends on whether or not I'm hungry. What about you - do you have a favorite 'blog day'?

It has been raining for the past few days, so today's post is not going to be the whole photo shoot of the brand-new Phoenix Dress and the listing announcement. 
I know, I know. I'm bummed too.
Crossing my fingers that that will be tomorrow.
For now, here are some of my recent 'top shots'.
GIANT Caterpillar in my backyard - size of my palm!
Tree Bark
Wild Beauty
Sunburst and a Rainbow
Train Tracks and Reflection
Home, Home on the Range
I found out about a photo challenge over at Lucia's blog, through another blogger's link-up to the challenge. With 2 hours left to enter, I figured, "Heh. Why not? What is there to lose?"
I have several other pictures I wish to have entered, but I could not enter them without permission first...and that would take too much time. Eventually I settled on this one.
The theme is emotion. 
Like I said, I had other first (and better) choices, but this will have to do for this time. I'm looking forward to her next challenge already!
^ this is my entry for Lucia's challenge ^

^ Ps. I think I uploaded this wrong, but I don't have time to figure out the right way. Sorry! ^



Tasty Thursday {Fish Cake}

Mommers and I made this fishy cake for my cousin's birthday in June. He has a ton of fish tanks filled with unique fish. The layout of this cake mirrors a picture that he took of one of his tanks.

All of the decorations are candy or fondant laid on top of the frosting.

I rather like doing fondant cut-outs - I did the pink princess on my baby niece's cake, and I did the fish on my cousin's cake. Not bad for first tries. =) Good thing you didn't see my actual first wouldn't be able to identify them. lol.

Did you like it? I did too, but there was 



Tasty Tuesday {The Overflow From Tasty Thursday}

I have a whole season's worth of Tasty Thursday posts. 
None of those are written, but I have all of the pictures and yummy memories, which counts.

And due to the fact that I can't expect to remember to do them in order if the goodies keep up at this rate, then I need to start posting more food stuffs more often. 
That's why we have a temporary Tasty Tuesday.

BTW, this is not going to be in order, anyway. =D

Today I'm just sharing pictures of my baby niece's first birthday cake and cupcakes ♥
:') Happy tears...she's getting so big, so fast!!!

Sweet stuff, baby nieces, and pink awesomeness - what more could you ask for?
. . . 
I know. 
A taste. =)



Sneak Peek {The Denim Flirty Skirt}

This is the last of the Summer Line 2012 - a colorful, vibrant outfit, featuring a brand-new skirt pattern.
For now, the sneak peek only shows you the skirt.
. . . 
. . .

Also, if you were on Facebook this past week, you should have seen our FB exclusive sneak peek for the Phoenix Dress.

Two sneak peeks in one week, and no new listings? What is wrong with us?
Nothing. We're just trying to wrap up some details for each listing and make life slow down a little first.



Photography Friday

You all know how Photography Friday works - today is no different. 
However, it IS late, I AM exhausted, and I would RATHER NOT write any descriptions or explain my missed days. 
Maybe another time. 
But definitely not now.
 So this will be a collection of photos that I have taken fairly recently that I think you will enjoy.

Hopefully I'll see y'all back here tomorrow!

~ Paige


~ Garden Update ~

Corn and my youngest sister's tootsies

Cuke and the first blossom

 I can hardly believe the pictures above are only a week or so old - our garden has grown so much since then!!!

For instance, pea plants that only had buds, now have pea pods...which my family and I just devoured several of.
Red onions peaked their little heads outa the earth for a day or so before they were gently re-covered.
Lettuce has bushed out more, and grown thicker. Just waiting for height....
Carrot leaves look like they should; only in miniature. I look forward to finding out how the actual carrots turn out!
Corn has stayed short so far, but there have been many new 'leaves', if you will, sprouting out if the center and drooping over the edge. I have hope for them yet.
One of the cukes has been sickly from the start, and I'm pretty sure it is not going to make it. However, the others have blossomed like crazy and I am looking forward to the familiar sight of infant cucumbers where the buds used to be.
I have never, ever, been successful with getting cantaloupe to even sprout. This year, they not only sprouted, but they are going somewhat strong, and covered in flowers. I expect them to turn out a lot like last year's watermelon - lacking quite a bit, but a start. I'll learn and do better. =)
This year's watermelon is currently at the stage that last year's plant was by the end of Aug. At this current rate of improvement, I have high hopes for future watermelon yet! And yes, we have lots of blooms on them, too.
I am SO proud of our broccoli! I had no idea how they grow, and while I still do not, I have one plant that actually looks like the broccoli that you get in the store. Well, it's nowhere near as big, and I have a fear of not picking it before the flowers open, but it's a start!
We have about 1/3 of our plants as cherry tomatoes, or a couple of big tomatoes. I don't actually remember. We are big tomato fans. Currently, we have a lot of flowers, and two plants with one fruit each. And those have grown since the pictures I have...which I took on Saturday or Sunday. 
Our pepper plants....well, I seem to remember them doing much better last year, by this point, but it's not a big deal. I don't like peppers. =) 

I guess I am so excited about the garden this year because everything is almost as it should be, for once. For once, we:
Started seeds the end of April (as they should be; and indoors, obviously)
Started seeds in big enough pots for them to last until Memorial Day weekend 
Despite a two week setback because of the tree on the garden, most all the plants are as good as, or better than they have ever been in previous years
We used proper soil when planting
Weeding hasn't been done quite as often as it has needed to be, but the plants are still thriving
Watering has been done everyday, except maybe two days, and for an hour each time
The garden has complete sun the entire day long after 10 AM

♥ ♥ ♥

Now for the pics!

 Do you have a garden that you are proud of? I'd love to see your pics - feel free to post your garden pics to our FB page!