Meet the Models

 So guess what? I'm not introducing you to our models just yet. Instead, I'm advertising for myself. ;)

Did you know that I'm entered in a writing contest over at the Doll Wardrobe? (of course you didn't know - I never told you!!!) Just like everyone else who entered the contest, I'd love to win. If you like my entry (#9) would you consider voting for me? The voting instructions are here.

Now, onto the main event....

Today I want to introduce you to our models!






 Thanks for stopping by, and if you voted for me over at the Doll Wardrobe, you get a second thank you!

~ Paige


A Couple of Things

This post is meant to give you an idea of what to expect from this blog.

This blog is meant to not only showcase our items on Etsy, throughout the entire process of each listing, but also to share our inspirations in an attempt to inspire you. 

This week is my week to blog. Next week will be Elisa's. We will trade off every week unless something comes up and the other person has to do extra. 

The goal is to follow our outline - each day has a category. For me, it looks something like:
Sunday - freebie (or sort of another Saturday)
Monday: Make - believe / imagination
Tuesday: Tutorials
Wednesday: Wild card
Thursday: be explained then. ;-)
Friday: Photography ♥
Saturday: Anything that involves family activities or encourages relationship building

Like any good blogger, I hope to be a consistent, interesting, worthwhile blogger. However, we all have our faults, right? Anddddd..... one of mine is never actually doing what I plan to do the way I planned it, or when I planned it.

I thought that I would share a few photos with you that Elisa and I took at the mall a few weeks back.

Really. At the mall. 
Yes. People laughed and pointed.
No. We weren't embarrassed ... too much.
After all we went through, I just hope you like them! ;-)


Personally, I don't like any of the indoors pictures - in comparison with the pictures that we took outside, they don't look so hot. I posted two of them to prove that we actually went inside and withstood all the stares. ;-)

Any of you who read yesterday's blog post will probably think that I was the one to suggest taking pictures at the mall, but believe it or not, it was Elisa's idea! Of course, I had no problem with it.

~ Paige


The Official 1st Post


Welcome to our blog! We hope that you will enjoy following our posts and journeys as much as we will enjoy blogging about them!

Today is our first day blogging, and we're so excited. It gets rather hard to stay focused – so it's a good thing we've already planned this out!

We want to start off by introducing ourselves (yes, this is our Etsy About section, you caught us!);

Hi, I'm Paige; and I'm Elisa. We're teenage best friends, Highschool Juniors, and business partners.

I've been sewing since I got my first American Girl doll at the age of eight, and around that same time, I met my best friend, Elisa. From the initial, "What language are these patterns written in???" to today's, "Who need's McCall's and Simplicity when you can make your own patterns?" I have loved sewing. It's my hobby, and I thoroughly enjoy creating doll clothes. Nothing would keep me from it---not even stitching through my fingers multiple times (yeah, it hurt).

I haven't been sewing quite as long, but when I got my American Girl doll a year after meeting Paige, I began to sew as well. Since then we've dreamed about having our own doll clothes business and being business buddies. I love to design clothes and jewelry, taking my favorite outfits as inspiration. Sewing doll clothes is a lot of fun, and a great outlet for creative juices. And it doesn't hurt that Paige and I have to meet frequently. ;)

Why we make a great team:
First of all, we are home schoolers currently in our Junior year, and living within walking distance of each other. We can meet often to discuss plans and sew outfits after patterns have been made. Since we don't have to keep regular school hours, we have the ability to meet up whenever we need to.

I make patterns, research, and attend to the bookkeeping aspect of the business. I often put in my two cents on design, and come up with wild ideas.

I design, match fabrics to complementing patterns, coordinate accessories, and try to keep Paige in check. I also do a lot of futuristic planning.

         Paige is rather dreamy and impulsive, and Elisa is rather practical and conscientious. We balance each other well. We also have complementing design tastes, the same love of dolls and sewing, and the same desire to share our hobby with you.

          Now that you know something about us, you may be wondering why we chose to call our shop DolzDreamzzz. That's ok – we've been wondering too! Just kidding; we do have reasons behind it.

We chose to call our shop DolzDreamzzz because it suits our mission perfectly. We want to make doll clothes that will not only bring a smile to your face, but also that will let little girls make their dreams come true through imagination. Whether it's riding unicorns off into the sunset, or playing adventurer in the backyard, we want to do our part to make those dreams come true through the clothes your doll is wearing. (Think about it – really, how practical is it to fly on your unicorn's back in your nightie? Clothes are clearly important in a case like that!).

        And we're only just beginning. Our plans go much farther beyond the handful of pretty outfits that you see in our Etsy shop – Paige wants to give away free unicorns with every purchase, and Elisa just wants to explain to Paige that unicorns don't really exist. But isn't that the point of imagination?

        We hope that you enjoyed getting to know us better, and plan to visit us again soon.