Teaser Post #WinterLine2013

Life never ceases to be crazy. 
. . .
So thank goodness there is no time like the present (crazy time) to shop for fabric!

Each week until the Winter Line 2013 is released I want to share teaser pics with yas. 
So this week, you get to see half of our recent fabric order. And hopefully in a few days I'll post about our recent pattern purchases.

A few weeks ago I ordered some lacy fabric swatches from (we also placed this last order with them). Totally happy with the swatches! So the other day, I went ahead and ordered a half yard of this gorgeous plum colored lace.
This pretty graphic-like print should create some very cute tees and leggings.
I saw this very modern, usually expensive, hard to find type of fabric and couldn't pass it up!
This spool of tulle (hehe) will add some detail and flair to lots of skirts and dresses (hopefully).

And last of all, I started planning for spring, and ordered a swatch of this light, lace sweater knit.

I figure I'll be able to see what it's like with the dolls in time for March ordering. =)

Elisa and family left for Florida today! I miss her already, and can't wait for them to arrive, settle in, and relax so that she and I can skype each other in a few days. Please pray for them to have safe travel and bunches of fun during their stay! 
While she's gone I get to run over to her house and care for Frisky, the prettiest petite preciously snuggle-able, loveable kitty of them all! I'm so lucky! Maybe Frisky and I will skype Elisa together sometime ;) 
If I were to have a cat (which would only be after I get my Siberian Husky), I'd want to have one just like Frisky ♥

Next week, the last of the fabric order ... the Winter Line duds. ;)
The week after that...we'll see where we are at.


ps. betcha Elisa's gonna love doing this pretty soon...
so not fair


This Time Last Year, We Dreamed of You

 This time last year, we had no idea we could exceed our wildest dreams. Last year in January we were planning our blog, dreaming up the concept of our own seasonal lines, burning with desire to make our items more modern, unique, and desirable, and hoping to sell a few items at Christmastime. Ho boy, when we had our first sale of 2012 in March followed by another one in May we were quite excited. We started our blog, and began trying to stock our shop more regularly. Even though things never quite worked out the way we hoped, we were still pretty happy with how they ended. And then there were a few things we hadn't planned on or hoped for. The fashion design challenge with the Doll Wardrobe blog turned out to be a lot of fun, and a lot of great shop exposure. Then there were more than a few sales at Christmastime!
We dreamed of taking our shop to the next level, we dreamed of this blog, and you. Without you, we wouldn't be anything more than an expensive hobby shop with only the occasional sale. 
Thanks, buddies. =)

This year, we have even more dreams, the earliest sales ever, and a lot of sewing. Not for the shop just yet, though. (welcome to reason number one why we haven't had a new listing in awhile) My sister Rapunzel's birthday was a few days ago, and my oldest niece's birthday (and party) are in the next few. Lbug's birthday gift from me was incomplete, so I also created something special for her before I began on Rapunzel's gifts. Elisa is preparing for a trip as well as planning future jewelry items, and Robyn is working on a new dress or two in her spare time. 
I'm simply bursting to share all our goals and dreams for this year with you all, but I am well known for my wild ideas. Since Elisa hasn't brought me back to earth yet, I shall refrain from saying much. But we're looking forward to our winter line, a craft show or two, giveaways, and much much more!

I am especially excited to see our doll jewelry items expand into more special pieces like the necklace in the Holiday Scene Stealer (picture above)! =D

I have a custom order to start and mostly complete before we will have many new listings, but after that, who knows? Maybe I'll finish a few of those mostly or halfway done items.
Maybe we'll surprise you with something special.

If you could see us come out with something special this year, what would it be? Now is the time to tell us!

A year older than this time last year and a year less mature,

PS. Watching Veggie Tales The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything while writing this post made it rather hard to not write silly things as I went along. I think I fixed all of them, but I might have missed something strange. For instance, we've had sails this year (rolls eyes), movie lines have overtaken my thought mid-sentence, and giant rock monsters have had conversations with angry cheese curls. I apologize if any of my strangeness has invaded this post. Arg! I am sorry indeed. 
Care for some ginger ale and sword-fighting?
Follow the clues, and head east. 
. . .
No, the other east.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

ZOO TOMORROW WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ no it's not Paige :(
This one happens to be a guy ;)
Anyways that's really all I have to say today
Ill post pictures about it either tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday hopefully.

By the way for those who live in New York and around Syracuse, I would so recommend this zoo. It's the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York

I know the zoo in the winter....brrr...but it's actually pretty sweet cause there's not as much foliage so you can see the animals better.

And oh my goodness!!!! There's a new wolf pack and new cute little snow leopard cubs. Yay!! ❤

So ttyl my dolzdreamzzz fans!

~A way too excited young lady ;),


Another Week Over...

Well, mostly. Close enough, right?
First off, Happy New Year!!!

Let's see...

We have a new listing!
Doesn't it look so comfy-wumfy-fuzzy-wuzzy-cutie-patootie?!
Good, cuz that's what we thought too. =)

We've been looking forward to this year for some time now...but now that we're here, we're not exactly sure why it's not as awesome and fire-worksy as we were expecting. Seems that maybe the party peeps didn't get the memo?
Sometimes it's hard work being unrecognized awesomeness. 

Ok, that's not totally true. Somebody special in the midwest recognized our awesomeness yesterday when they ordered our socks set. First sale of the year, three days in = wethinks this'll be a rawther good year. Hm?
Robyn is working on some very classy dresses, I'm pulling out fabrics for ... idk, I guess they're jumper dresses or sundresses or something like that. I've gotta get us rolling on Single Person Awareness Day (aka Valentine's Day) dresses - so the single peeps can perk up. ; ) And Elisa is getting ready for a huge trip with her family, so we'll see if she has time to make jewelry and sew. 

Winter Line 2013 - Deciding the plan 
New Patterns to use - Making a list...
Pinterest - Super slacking
Sales - the highest they've been all year! ;)

If you will all forgive me, I'll stop being silly and hangin' with see, I may or may not have had a bomb go off in my room...three weeks ago...and things may have gone downhill since then. I may also happen to be the teensiest, weensiest bit OCD when I can't find a clean spot in my room. And when every two seconds into schoolwork I hop up and start cleaning before I realize what I'm doing, it may be a sign.
A sign that I'm lazy.
Or that I'm so busy that I don't have time.
I'll let you decide, but it doesn't really matter, since it's a little late to do anything about the past few weeks other than to clean up. =)

Can you imagine how I'll spend tomorrow?
WRONG! I won't be cleaning all day. I'll spend a good portion of the day sleeping, playing new wii games, and dancing in my room when I'm certain no one is looking. A fraction of my day will be assigned to looking like I'm cleaning. I'll really be reading, playing music, *dancing*, throwing stuff around when someone walks by my door, and wishing myself somewhere else, and with a maid to clean for me. =D

So if you'll excuse me, I have Paiglems to cause tomorrow and prepare for tonight....
~ Paige