Progress Report

So the week is almost over.
The forecast was fairly correct.
The only trouble is that the chance of awesomeness never happened, so we have very little to show. 
Yet something is always better than nothing!!!

Just today we listed another piece of jewelry:

And that is all the listing action you are likely to see this week. 
Recently, the room that we fondly call our headquarters was deep cleaned. Yep, it was yucky. But at least the owner of that room can now find her 
The owner gets a little lazy now and then . . .

I guess the cat is out of the, um, yeah, I happened to come across a bag of jewelry I made for AG dolls back when Elisa and I were just discussing opening our own shop (whew, was THAT a long time ago! :P ). I guess that when I moved across the hall to the room I have now, that I stored them away for "safe-keeping". Which we all know to mean "not-so-easy-to-ever-find-again" keeping, lol. I figured it couldn't hurt to take them out and photograph them on Addy so that we could list them soon.
And one by one, they are making their way into the shop.
You can tell that I made them, and that I made them years ago because they are super simplistic in design *sigh*, but alas, such were my abilities. Such were my results.

However, they're still cute and "sellable". =)

So far we have only listed this bracelet and a neck choker, but there are a couple more to go. 
Since Elisa's supplies randomly disappeared (actually, a month or more ago) we've struggled to add to our jewelry line. 

Also, I promised you, back at the beginning of the week, a sneak peek picture of the 1st outfit in our fall line (which also happens to be entered in a contest...more on that next week or so). Here's a sneak peek, like I promised:

Night Y'all!

~ Paige ~



Moments pass by by the second.
Most go by un-noted.
Few are saved for ever. 

That's how I feel about pictures - moments of life, frozen in time, to exist forever after, so long as the data exists. 
Which is part of what drives me to take pictures, and to take them as beautifully as I can manage, for the sake of remembering my life, and others' lives around me as something beautiful and precious. 

Maybe it's overly simplistic, but I want to remember the details that aren't going to store themselves away in my brain. Like the bike rides I take back and forth from work - the puddles, the wind, the sun, the rain, the leaves, the creatures, and the last flowers.

The flower above is actually a very normal yellow flower, in a wooden barrel. A barrel overflowing with these flowers. But it looks so much more beautiful than I originally thought, when photographed like this.
This is what I love to do.

 Instead of looking at the long line of traffic I have to bike past and the puddle that would spray all over my backside as negatives, I chose to confirm peoples' suspicions of me. I got off my bike, took pictures of flowers, danced around the puddle, laid down on the ground to take puddle pictures, and finally squatted, took this picture, and started singing a little song about puddles.
Yep, you guessed it. I got a lot of stares. And a couple of amused smiles. 
Maybe there are crazy kindred spirits left in the world, after all. 
That would make my day.

LOVE the colors the leaves are starting to turn! I am blessed to have such a beautiful birthday season!

I stopped because a car was pulling out in front of me from a restaurant...and I noticed the mirror this huge (normally ugly) pothole made when filled with rainwater. 
The sky was naturally very blue, but I enhanced it slightly because it's how I felt it looked...if that makes any sense.

Car sales lots aren't very attractive. But their weed flowers are! lol. 
There is something to simplistic and sunny about wildflowers that makes them among my very favorite.

So far this week has been busy, and I don't foresee it getting any slower. But it's a good kind of busy - the kind where everything that not only needs to be done but also that maybe wants to be done, is getting done.
And that hasn't necessarily happened lately. 
It's nice, for a change.

♥ Paige ♥


Here We Go!

You voted; we obey.

First off, thanks so much to the awesome three who voted. 
Second, it's time I got this post going.

Mondays are now our forecasts for the week. And this week is sunny with a chance of awesome.

There is a lot going on that we can't tell you about just yet, but we're happy to share what we can.
For instance, our Fall Line is in production, tentatively due mid-October. 
And you know what?
It gonna be SO CUTE!!!
You should have a sneak peek photo by the end of the week. =)

Hopefully accomplished by the end of the week?
- Jewelry listing
- All fall items cut out
- Getting used to consistent blogging (again)

I know that maybe that doesn't sound all that impressive. 
And, really, it's not.
But it will be the foundation to the next few weeks...and those weeks should at least be better organized and more 'publicly' productive. Working on a fall line that doesn't get released for a couple of weeks does make things a little hard to share with you. But there will be more going on soon, and that stuff y'all can see.

That's all for this week's forecast - 
 See you Wednesday!!!

  ~ Paige ~


Guest Blog ~ Lizzy

Hello y’all,

My name is Lizzy.

I have been friends with Paige for as long as I can remember;
our parents were friends before that, so Paige and I are 2nd generation friends, (neat, right?)
And I even knew Elisa before Paige met her.
Ok, a little about myself.
 Like Paige and Elisa I enjoy sewing and I was homeschooled.
I am also a Christian.
My favorite things to do… 
I love music, reading, and teaching, to name a few things.
I also like photography and writing.
In June, Paige mentioned how she was going to do a photo shoot for a friend’s birthday
That friend was me!!!
 Then she asked me if I would like to guest blog about it…
My answer: YES!!
The theme for the shoot was based on a vintage feel,
and Paige had an awesome old suitcase to go along with it.
After getting all ready and having lunch (at Subway)
We drove to some railroad tracks that were nearby
Paige was like ‘get on the tracks it will look nice’  :/
I was just hoping no trains would come…

… None did :)

Here it looks like I’m walking to the station; really I'm just walking toward a busy road. But you can imagine a station. 

^ This one is my of my favorites ^

Next I drove us (I drove us around for my birthday, which was fine seeing as I’m the only
one with a drivers license) to a farm for more pictures.

^ This is one on the porch of an old farmhouse

We had a great time even though it was hot outside.
Oh, I forgot to mention that we made cookies before we left, so when we weren't taking pictures we were munching on some AWESOME cookies.
Over all I had a wonderful time.
~ Lizzy


This is not the surprise I was talking about yesterday - that will come in time. This is just a quickie post to apologize and un-confuse you. ;-)

There was no poll on our blog last night.
SOMEBODY (blonder than Elisa) FORGOT TO HIT 'SAVE'.
. . .
So I made it, and I thought it was there! But of course, it wasn't. 

I got on first thing this morning to fix that for y'all.
Cuz I love you just that much.

Now you can not only find it where it is supposed to be, but also you can vote in it.  =)
 The surprise is coming a little later on today, and I just know you'll love it.




Pronounced "SHED-JWOOLZ".
// Important schtuff \\
// Paige haters \\

Schedules really do seem to hate me! The instant I create one, I can (almost for certain) know that that is exactly how things will NOT go.
Therefore, my life tends to be {a little} messy.

Welcome to reason number 1 (subpoint C, excuse number 6) of why I never clean my room. 

Now, surprisingly, for the first time EVER, September 1st began a new schedule, and it WORKS!!!
***Only if I choose to use it***
^ Ignore that fact, please ^

And it is about time, too.
I'm only past the halfway point of my teenage years, just out of reach of sanity, and too far gone in my wicked ways of unstructured life for any hope of recovery. And then - WHAM! - wadda you know, I have this new schedule thing to try, and it works!
I feel that it is about time that I got it right - you know, I'm only in my final year of highschool, and my 13th year of homeschooling. A good reason to finally get it. Seniors don't have a great deal of time left to their lives, you know. I'm just glad I made it this far, so that I can enjoy the change.
I don't think this discovery could be any more perfect!

It could be.

My favorite part of schedule fails was creating new ones. Now I have to find another failure to fill most of my life with. Bummer. What on earth is a girl to do when she no longer needs to figure out what to do?
Don't worry about me. I'll figure it all out.

Hold on.
* Back up. *
Would you do me a favor, and DO worry? We're making a schedule for DolzDreamzzz.

It's only a tentative one, though, because we will have to see if it stands the test of time.
Encouraged by my success, and willing to forget the sting of recent failures, Elisa and I began to brainstorm.
And when we brainstorm, it gets messy.
Mostly my fault. Cuz I'm like that. But don't forget, she's blonde.
So you could say that things are currently a little bit "up in the air". And you could say that we need help.

But don't be silly - we've known that forever! Which is why we want YOU to help us.
Yes, you read right.
Uncle Sam wants YOU to vote in our poll!!!

You can find it on the right-hand side of our blog page, along with a couple of other nifty buttons and gadgets. Those will continue to appear, by the way.
 Your vote will help us decide on one aspect of the new schedule
what days we blog! 
Hopefully we will get back to being consistent.

In addition to all this, Elisa and I have been working on some surprises and other random bits of awesomeness for y'all, (coming to a blog near you this fall) you being sech good blog readers n all!
One of those surprises is coming tomorrow - don't miss out!       

I know I have neglected Photography Fridays shamefully. Time to mend that with a selection of random pixel goodness I know you haven't seen yet.

Love Y'all!!!


History {Of Recent Times}

OK, that's it.
I think it's time that someone finally posted again, don't you? 

So much is going on -still!- and I've hesitated to blog for a number of reasons. 
For instance, yesterday was 9/11 (remembrance). 
How could I post about anything trivial?
I could not.
The only right thing to do, if I were to post, would be to say something about that day, that fateful day, several years ago.
Who am I to add to all that was said and done? I'm just a girl who has never done anything to serve or protect her country. With only a vague memory of the day, I cannot even attempt to step up to the plate and add my two cents on a day that changed our country forever. A day that robbed thousands of loved ones and heroes. A day that robbed our people of a feeling of safety. A day that threatened our country, and all that we stand for. A day that I hardly remember, but a day that has seared it's unwelcome memory and pain into another's heart, and soul, and mind.
Who am I, to try to add a ripple to that pond?
In light of that, I can't. I couldn't. I won't.
I am everlastingly grateful to every single man and woman who has EVER had ANYTHING to do with protecting our land, our freedoms, our people. And I can never say it enough, but I can at least say it often.
Thank - You.

You are not just America's heroes, 
you are MY heroes.
"a [person] of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities."
 So TODAY, I'm gonna share with you some the of the fun that Elisa and I have been having lately, when we weren't too busy to have it. =)
Both Elisa and I would ♥ to answer your questions about anything we have done recently, so feel free to ask!
First we went to camp (August), then the Great Escape/Six Flags (September).
I'm sure there were other things, too.
But I only have time to share a few pictures of each. {That means they will be my favorite, and the best. =D}

Night Y'all!