August Custom Order

Well, hello hello! 
Imagine - we are still very much so alive! {Yes, even we are shocked}
Oh, and look! So are you! How lovely is that?! 
We should celebrate or something...

While we think of how to PaRtAy! over our apparent mutual aliveness (is that a word? Oh well, it is now), you might be interested in the pics we took of a blue and grey striped tee a lovely Miss E requested us to make. Miss E contacted us about a previously sold listing, and asked if we could make another, either the same or similar. We could indeed, and so we did. 
(probably a little obvious by now, since we crawled outta our hermit holes to tell you all about an August custom order....)
Miss E also happened to be a returning customer, and we wanted to thank her for her repeat business. We sent an extra tee with her order, and decided to make this post a little longer by adding photos of that as well. 
Who doesn't like a long post of dolly photos?
{Not a legit question. If you don't like it, we sincerely apologize, and ask you to wave your hands wildly to get our attention. You may put your hands down. By the way, that was just for fun. We will take polls some other time.... what? A non-legit question can too have a non-legit poll}
(Ok, so maybe this last pic isn't terribly necessary. But Felicity looks stunning, does she not?)

A major downside to not blogging in so many moons is that all my contained weirdness and odd ways run rampant in the first few posts until I get it out of my system. I should try some sort of writing therapy. Or chocolate...

Thinking chocolate, 
And the Rest of the Gals at DolzDreamzzz

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